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Terms and Conditions

Learning to drive with Mark Cassell (ADI, Grade A) in the St Leonards and Hastings Areas.

By booking an intensive driving course and any associated driving lesson with Mark Cassell (ADI), you are indicating that you have read and understood the terms and conditions (T & Cs) and that you agree to be bound by them.

  • ‘you’ means the person named on the booking form as the pupil/learner driver

  • ‘I’, 'me' means Mark Cassell as your self-employed independent approved driving instructor (ADI)

48 hours cancellation notice MUST be given if you decide to cancel any driving session.

10 working days notice before first session MUST be given if you decide to cancel your driving course.

Failure to give me the correct cancellation notice will result in you forfeiting your deposit, balance paid, and/or session hours.


The intensive course fee, both deposit and balance, is payable in advance to Mark Cassell.

A deposit of no less than half the entire course fee is requested on booking courses. The remainder of the balance is payable no less than 10 working days before the course commences. Failure to pay the balance in advance of course commencement will result in all course sessions being cancelled with the deposit forfeited and test fee lost.

Once I have received a deposit, you have a period of 6 months to complete the course. Should you fail to contact me or I do not hear from you or anyone else regarding your scheduled course for a period of 6 months, then the deposit is forfeited and test fee lost.

The Course

Each course is for the total amount of hours booked and includes the time required for taking your practical test and the journey home (or to a local location previously arranged). The total time you book with me includes driving test car rental charge and associated insurance. Additional hours, if necessary, can be booked with me at the standard hourly rate.

You must be able to pass the legal sight test (20.5m or 67ft), which I will conduct on our first session. Failure to read a vehicle number plate from this distance will result in the course being cancelled.

If I feel that you are not ready to attend your practical driving test due to safety reasons, then you will not be allowed to take your driving test. If this happens then you will lose your test booking fee, without refund. Once a driving test is booked for you it is non-refundable. As a result of test cancellation by me, we can reschedule an agreed amount of additional lessons on approach to another test at additional cost. Subsequent lessons and test may be several weeks after your actual scheduled course. This can be due to test centre waiting times and my diary, as well as your own commiments.

Once the course hours have been organised and scheduled in my diary, if you cancel any driving session or part thereof and it is less than 48 hours from the session due date/time, then those hours will be forfeited and time lost. I cannot rearrange a course at short notice once you have agreed the dates/times.

If you book additional hours with me and then cancel or fail to show, then these sessions will be charged and payable to me at the standard hourly rate.

All intensive courses are booked and based on the average learning capabilities of pupils from past experience, and are therefore an approximate count of necessary hours. As such, you should be prepared for extra tuition, at the standard hourly rate, if it is required before you are allowed to safely attend the driving test.

The Practical Driving Test

Practical test availability is subject to tests made available by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) test centre.

Test centres may be closed on weekends and bank holidays. I cannot guarantee a test for any specific day but usually get one immediately at the end of your course week or early the week after, providng that the test centre is fully operational. Please be aware this may require more of your time to complete the driving course at a later date than originally planned.

On the driving test day, you must bring with you your provisonal driving license and theory test pass certificate. Failure to do so will result in the examiner being unable to take you for your test, and as a result you will have to pay for another driving test to be booked.

Additional Terms

The contract for the intensive driving course is between you and me as your approved driving instructor (ADI). Any disputes or claims should therefore be taken up with me in the first instance. I cannot be held liable for any compensation claim from you, nor can I be held responsible for any traffic violation on your part.

Courses are not shared courses (e.g.: two or more pupils in the car), nor will I get you to pick up my next pupil or anyone else on your way home as you finish the session.

I cannot be held liable for any losses resulting in any course cancellation or test cancellation due to the driving course or driving test cancelled because of bad weather (e.g.: snow, ice, fog), examiner illness, examiner strike, etc. Where possible, I will arrange another date to complete the course in the event of any of the above scenarios.


If the DVSA cancels a test for whatever reason, I cannot be held responsible or liable for the test fee and any session time lost. As a result, you may need to purchase additional lessons to retake the test at the standard rate. In some instances, you may be able to claim reimbursement from the DVSA.


The car provided by me (a VW Polo Bluemotion diesel 1.4 manual) is comprehensively insured with a reputable insurer and is fitted with fully-working dual controls, installed by a reputable He-Man mechanic. You may request to see insurance documentation and installation information at any time.


All special offers and course/lesson prices are subject to change without notice and are at my discretion. Any gift vouchers used are valid for no more than a period of 6 months from date of issue. Gift vouchers are only to be used by the person or persons named on the voucher and are non-transferable.


If payments have been made for a course of lessons and you do not complete the course, then the remaining hours are valid for a period of 1 month. After this time, the lessons and test fee will be forfeited and no refund will be given.


When you are successful in passing the practical driving test, any unused hours are to be refunded at my discretion.

Your Obligations

You make me aware, before booking, of any health issues either mental or physical which may affect your ability to perform as expected on an intensive driving course.

​You agree the full course hours and make a note of the hours that have been agreed between you and I.

You email or text me with your theory test pass number as soon as you pass, so that I can book your practical test on the same day so as to obtain an appropraite driving test date for you.


You supply on the first session a valid provisional driving licence. If you fail to produce this, I am unable by law to permit you to drive any vehicle, and as a result your booking will be cancelled and any fees forfeited.


You agree to book time off work only once the hours have been agreed. It is advised that you book your lessons in early so as to avoid disappointment. If you leave booking your sessons in late or at the last minute, there may not be enough time/hours/availability to book the course because my diary gets booked up sometimes months in advance.


You attend your lessons on the scheduled time and date. Failure to do so will result in you losing time and I have no obligation in such circumstances to add time to the end of your lesson. I will wait for 15 minutes for you at the agreed meeting point, and if you fail to arrive at the agreed meeting time/location without contacting me, I will assume the lesson has been terminated. I am under no obligation to add this time on at the end of the course, and as a result the time will be forfeited.


You must not be under the influence of drink or drugs at any time during your course. If I, or anyone else, suspects or detects any sign of this, the remainder of the course will be terminated and you will lose all fees paid.


A professional approach is required by you and no abusive behaviour towards me, or your test examiner, will be tolerated. The course will be terminated and any payments made will be forfeited in such an event.


If a guardian, parent, partner, sibling, or any other third party provides me with information regarding you as my pupil, instructs me or makes payment on your behalf, they agree to be jointly liable and except these terms and conditions as applicable to themselves as well as you as my pupil. Instructions given by guardians, parents, partners or direct associates, concur that they have the necessary authority to act on behalf of the pupil and incur liability and acceptance of these terms and conditions upon themselves and the pupil.



I, Mark Cassell (ADI), am committed to protecting your privacy. I will only use the information that I collect about you lawfully – in accordance with the Data Protection act 1998. Any personal information which I hold to process your course and test booking will be held securely in accordance with the law, and will not be sold or passed on to a third party.

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