Meet Mark, your Hastings

Driving Instructor

Grade A approved driving instructor (ADI), since 2004.

Learning to drive is a psychological experience which must be treated on a personal and friendly level as well as professional. This is why Mark offers no pretences that he's a 'company' or a 'driving school' . . .

It is Mark, his VW Polo, and your future.

Comfort, experience, and the over-all learning process remains paramount, and as the next generation of driver you will be fully prepared for everything and anything that occurs beyond the driving test.


He adds:

"I live in St Leonards and cover the surrounding areas for the Hastings Test Centre, offering intensive courses and weekly driving lessons . You will have total support throughout the theory test if requested, and of course into the driving test itself. It doesn't have to end there, because you can have further tuition on motorways or completing the Pass Plus scheme.


My working hours always suit your needs and so we can arrange our intensive course around your own schedule. Even on bank holidays. Lessons are always on a one-to-one basis, which means there's no car sharing. And both pick-up and drop-off points can be flexible, providing it's still within my teaching area and I've had sufficient notice.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!




Mark Cassell-ADI-Hastings Driving Instru