Frequently Asked Questions

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The Car

What car will you be driving?

~ I have a manual diesel Volkswagon Polo Bluemotion 1.4, with only L plates on the front and rear. There is no sign-written advertising. Not even my name or phone number, so that means there isn't a top box on the roof either.

Why don't I have my name on the car like most other instructors?

~ Pupils feel more at ease (and much less nervous) when driving, saying they feel less 'obvious' as a learner.


Because it hasn't got 'Mark' written all over it, does the car still have dual controls?

~ Absolutely! It's also fully insured, so don't worry. Everything is the same as any other instructor vehicle out there, you just won't stick out like the others.

Will you take the test in my car?

~ Yes, though I'm always happy for us to have lessons and take the test in your own car if you have one.

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The instructor

How long have I been qualified?

~ I qualified as a professional driving instructor ADI in the summer of 2004.


What instructor grade am I?

~ I'm a Grade A driving instructor with a high pass rate at the Hastings Test Centre and Tunrbridge Wells Test Centre.

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