Weekly lessons available at £ 35 per hour

See below for discounted blocks / courses

Your local independent driving instructor for an intensive driving course or discounted weekly lessons.
Driving lessons in  St Leonards and Hastings, plus surrounding areas.


The driving test costs £ 150

This includes the following:

~ 1 hour driving lesson before the test commences ~

~  1 hour to cover practical driving test at the Hastings test centre ~

~  use of car for duration of test ~

~ associated insurances ~

~  DVSA driving test booking ~

~ drive home / place of choice ~

~  no hidden extras ~


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Standard hourly rate of £ 35 or a 10 hr block booking for £ 340

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Standard Hourly Rate

£ 35

If you're happy to have weekly lessons, whether it's one a week or two, or more, you can pay per hour.

Forest Road

Discount 10 hour block of Lessons

£ 340

This is the most popular selection.

Village Houses

35 hour Course of lessons

£ 1,300 (currently unavailable due to demand)

For learner drivers with only a limited level of experience and in need of detailed instruction.

Please note: this course includes the practical driving test (no hidden extras).

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40 hour Course of lessons

£ 1,550 (currently unavailable due to demand)

This intensive course of lessons is for the learner driver who is completely new, or very nearly new, to the driving experience.

Please note: this course includes the practical driving test (no hidden extras).

All courses are on a one-on-one basis, with no hidden extras. Please read the Terms and Conditions page for deposit and payment details, etc.

Also, please read about the courses, the driving test, and the theory test, and check out the FAQ page for anything else.

Of course, if you have any questions or would like to book your intensive course, please contact Mark, your instructor.

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Please note: