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Mark is by far, a better instructor than I could have asked for. Previously I had two lessons with someone who I found far too ‘old fashioned’ for my taste. However with Mark I felt completely comfortable and relaxed instantly. He was patient, understanding and fun to talk to and I found myself actually enjoying the process of learning to drive. Very quickly I felt I wasn’t under scrutiny at all. Instead I was calmly spoken through everything that panicked me (initially a lot) until driving became a second nature.

Even now when driving solo, I still hear Mark’s voice in my head reminding me to do things or advice on how to chill out. I would recommend learning to drive with him to anyone!

Emma-Jane Taylor

When I met Mark for the first time, I was nervous, however the nerves soon stopped when he got me into the driving seat.  He got me driving straight away, (after all of the bits and bobs he had to tell me) and I loved it!  From then on we got along really well, he is a great guy and so easy to understand.

He was always encouraging because when I did do things wrong he calmed me down and told me to 'laugh it off', and it was the best thing he told me to do.

Mark is just a brilliant Instructor, well recommended.

Emily Browning

Mark seems to have discovered the perfect balance of friendliness and professional tuition. His kindness, understanding and patience immediately put me at ease from my first lesson. This attitude made me feel comfortable enough to ask lots of stupid questions and make the odd mistake, without fear of reproach or mockery.

This balance was invaluable in allowing me to become a proficient and safe driver and, ultimately, I passed my practical test first time without any faults! I consider myself very fortunate that I found such a natural teacher - thank you, Mark!

Christopher Shoebridge

From the outset me and Mark had not only a productive lesson but a right laugh as well.  All of his lessons with me were incredibly helpful and got me to pass First Time as well!

Can not recomend him highly enough to anyone who wants to learn to drive.  I hope his future pupils have as much fun as me and Mark did!  Thankyou Mate.

Joe Curtis

Learning to drive with Mark was an awesome experience.  We quickly organised lessons and I was driving in no time! He explained everything clearly and never had a problem answering  any questions I had.  I had previous experience on the road as I had passed my motorbike test beforehand, and he helped me iron out any bad or unnecessary habits I had bought over from riding.

Mark is such an easy going guy to get on with and after awhile the lessons felt more like going out for a drive with a friend. I progressed very quickly and learnt something new every time I went driving with him.  I would recommend him to anyone as he is a great guy and a great instructor.

Alex Turner

Well what can I say?  Mark is a very patient and understanding chap.  I wasn’t exactly the easiest of students however I’m pleased to report that with Mark’s help I passed first time with flying colours!!

A really nice guy, who doesn’t bark at you when you get something wrong...  I couldn’t recommend him more highly, especially when looking to pass first time which at the end of the day is what we’re all looking for.

Best Teacher Ever!!!!!  Thanks.

Victoria Grant

Just wanted to say a massive and well deserved THANK YOU to Mark for being such a great, patient and fun instructor. Considering that English is not my first language and that I have already failed my driving test three times (!) in my home country I believe that passing my test after lessons with Mark (first attempt!) is a big success and achievement.
I would recommend Mark to anyone!!


I had a wonderful experience with Mark, he was calm and coached me through everything and I passed my first test with only 2 minors. I would highly recommend Mark, he is a legend.

Samantha Prescott

When my first lesson came I was, naturally, pretty nervous. However, Mark was amazing and calmed me down pretty quickly, explaining everything very clearly and not just throwing me in at the deep end. From then he was excellent and more than I could have asked for as he continued to provide me with clear and helpful guidance whilst also being enormously friendly and great company.

Every lesson was enjoyable as well as hugely useful and I honestly believe I could not have learned with a better instructor. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Adam Bennett

Passed first time! (and yes I wont forget to mention it mark) WITH NO MINORS!

What a wicked guy that knows how to have a laugh but knows how and when to be serious too which is an ideal balance to put you at ease whilst still learning too.

Out of the 3 instructors I had, Mark was the best, as he was in no way patronising and managed to tell me off without shouting at me which shows great patients.

Thanks Mark. You're alright. ;P


Learning with Mark was a truly enjoyable experience, I had previously had bad experiences with a few different instructors and decided a few years later to take a 20 hour intensive course.

From the moment I met Mark I felt that learning to drive with him as an instructor wasn't going to be as daunting as I first thought! The methods of his teaching is easy to grasp and not overwhelming! I'm pleased to say that I passed my driving test first time and I really don't think I would of passed or felt as confident as i do if I had learnt with any other instructor. I'm very grateful to him for making my driving a fun and pleasurable experience! I really don't have anything bad to say about him or my learning experience, and I will most definitely be recommending him to my little brother who will be learning next year and any one else I know in the process of learning to drive! 

Thank you for your help :)

Kyra O'Sheen

Mark was a great instructor, and a very nice guy. We progressed quickly enough, but with plenty of practise. He gave me a lot of confidence and helped me to pass first time! I would throughly recommend him.

Matt Johnson

I had 3 previous instructors before Mark and I couldn't get on with any of them....but then I met Mark and I knew he was the one to get me to pass my test! He is a lovely, down-to-earth guy, very understanding and patient - and a laugh too! He was very helpful and I passed both my theory and driving test first time thanks to him!! I couldn't have done it without him and I couldn't recommend him enough! Thanks Mark!!

Kym O'Shea

Just wanted to add my thanks to Mark, for his skill, support and knowledge. He is an easy going chap that can relate to any age range. I passed first time, which was wonderful to have achieved. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone. Thanks again.

Karon Payne

There were times when I thought maybe driving wasn't for me and put off learning for as long as possible. Mark assured me that we would get through this, as he was right!!  What a calm, collected fantastic bloke.  I was made to feel at ease as soon as I was in the car and though I wasn't the easiest student he was very patient with me.

He was very flexible, even letting me have 8:00 lessons every week as I had work and couldn't get the time on the weekends to learn.  When my theory test was coming up he asked me questions as we drove along to make sure I would pass and with his help, I only got 2 questions wrong and passed first time.  I kept forgetting the same things over and over but he stayed calm and was so easy to get on with.

When my practical test was booked I was still unsure whether I would pass but Mark said he knew I would be fine and gave me the confidence on the day.  I passed with just 2 minors!!

I would recommend mark every time to anyone wanting to learn how to drive (not just to learn how to pass the test).  Thank you Mark for helping me to gain this invaluable skill and for having faith in me.

Zoe Hedges

I decided to have lessons with Mark after he was recommended to me.  Initially I was quite nervy about learning to drive and driving in general, but the combination of his teaching methods and easy going nature helped to alleviate this, I found myself growing in confidence with each lesson.

I found Mark very easy to get on with, never felt talked down or patronised and generally enjoyed his company and found we had a surprising amount in common.  I also liked his reliability and he always made sure that I got my full 2 hours or hour and if he showed up a bit late the lesson would finish a bit late to make up for it.

His teaching style seemed to work very well for me and although I may have imagined this, he seems to have this knack for making you work on one aspect of your driving which at the same time causes you to improve on another aspect as well - I realised several times after working on one thing that I'd improved on another unaware at the same time.

Anyway, in Mark's words it all came together for me and I was booked in for my test, I sat about nervously fidgeting for awhile and then off I went to be tested... I was a bundle of nerves but managed to pass with 5 minors.  Shortly (well a few weeks) afterwards, I took the Pass Plus scheme with Mark.  I thoroughly recommend Mark as an instructor; he seems to have an edge for what he does and manages to completely remove the instructor/pupil feeling from his lessons.

Jason Doe

I would like to thank Mark for being a great driving instructor and for encouraging me to carry on! I have to say I wasn't the best pupil but I'm sure I wasn't the worst... lots of laughs were involved throughout.  Thank you again, I couldn't of asked for a better person to teach me.

Sarah Gruber

If you need to learn to drive in a short space of time, Mark is the guy to go with. I learnt to drive in less than a month and passed first time! He is a very patient instructor and is good at pointing out where you are going wrong and in giving advice to help improve on those weak areas. Plus you'll have a laugh along the way.

Matthew Greaves

After finally plucking up the courage to learn to drive I was really nervous and not looking forward to it. However, after my first lesson my nerves had been steadied and I actually had fun! Marc puts you at ease, making you laugh along the way, we had a great rapport which was great. It was great fun learning with him and he is just what you want when learning to drive, very calm, encouraging and always clear when explaining things. He never got stressed with me over my irrational fear of fifth gear or when I repeatedly made the same mistakes. He helped me gain in confidence and I am now ready to take on the roads on my own! I thoroughly recommend him to anyone. Thanks Marc I will see you driving around soon no doubt   :)

Sarah Fenner

Libby passed this morning, with no minors!!  The examiner told her she had a brilliant drive.

Thanks for teaching all three of my daughters well, I think you were a good choice for them.  They all enjoyed being taught by you and are very complimentary about you.  A pretty good success rate I believe, with all three passing in under four months and two first time!

Once again thanks, and I will recommend you to anyone when the opportunity arises.

Pat Allen (mother of Heather, Libby and Madelaine)

Have never met such a good instructor in all the training I have done over the years both practical and theoretical!
Mark is really easy to get on with and from the first time I met him I felt at ease. He has a real enthusiasm for his teaching and is very understanding of his students. He ensures that you are progressing smoothly without overloading you with things to worry about.
A truly excellent instructor and would highly reccommend him to anyone.

Chris Burr

Well what can i say about mark he was an amazing instructor put me at ease as soon as i got in the car and always sorted times that was easy for me including half past 7 every saturday morning lol. Anything i got confused about he would explain in a way that i could understand and was always patient with me and never got stressed, even on my test he had every faith in me. 

Would defo recommend mark to anybody wonting to learn to drive brilliant instructor and a very nice guy. Thank u mark n c u soon for pass plus :)

Sally Kingsley

I am a really impatient & nervous person and my concentration is not always good!  With my short temper and lack of focus on what i'm doing, Mark has achieved a big miracle.  From the first lesson Mark made me feel really comfortable, he is a really empathic, warm & friendly person.  I didn't have any problem with communication, language or accent inspite of my different Nationality.

He was always reliable and on time, if any rare changes of plan needed to be made he would always let me know in advance.  Mark always clearly answered any questions or queries I had about my driving.  He gave me good feedback, knew my good and bad points and taught me as an individual person.

My lessons were enjoyable and I looked forward to them each week.  We had a lot of fun and laughed a lot, but at the same time Mark was really precise and strict with what I needed to work on during each lesson.  He always seemed focused on my progress and aware of what things I would need to repeat.

I started at the point of not knowing my left from my right... and finished up being a confident & safe driver.

Agata Katarzyna Malgorzata Latawiec

Mark is a great instructor, with pleanty of patience! I would recommend him to anyone and eveyone.  I don't know how anyone could stay as calm as him, when letting someone like me take to drivers seat, but he does.

Mark is a fun instructor and I always felt comfortable and happy, except when fifth gear came into play but eventually, with his help, I conquered that one!  He always had confidence in me, even when I didn't, always telling me that it had been a good lesson and that I could do it.  So now I've passed my test I suppose i has better admit that he was right!  Thank you! :)

Abi Young

Hi there, i had mark as a driving instructor from on my 17th birthday, he was a brilliant instructor and we always had a laugh on our lessons!!  So glad we found him as i passed my test in 35 days having 20 hours of lessons.

I'm glad to say i was his 12th pass in a row!!  I know how much it meant to him to have a dozen successful passes in a row, i hope that streak continues as he really does deserve it!!  I only had 4 minors and thats pretty much a mirical.

So cheers buddy, good luck with the book :) and yeah get a lesson off him you wont regret it!!!

Sam Stratham

Excellent training, Mark is a very patient and understanding teacher. I managed to pass FIRST TIME with his support and knowledge.  I would highly recommend his service to anyone who wants to learn and PASS their test.

Also he is a good laugh and this helped me to relax while learning. Great Guy.

Kirsty Hook

I couldn't rate Markus any higher; laid back, patient, funny and helpful. He never shouts and really helps if you struggle for confidence behind the wheel. He will never look down on you, and will talk to you in a friendly and  informative manner - more of a friend than an instructor. I was learning to drive during A levels so time was tight but through email and text we found times which suited us both and it was a welcome break to escape exam pressure to go for a lesson/chat with Markus.

He understands that everyone makes mistakes whilst driving, especially to begin with but he would calmly explain where I went wrong, what could be done better next time and we would laugh it off afterwards.

So good he is all but booked in to teach my siblings as well!

A great instructor, and really knows his stuff and would recommend him to anyone.

Marcus Newman

I was a complete newbie to driving, I didn't even know what pedal did what! So I was naturally very nervous to start driving lessons, however I was very lucky to find Mark as he is such a good instructer and made me feel completely relaxed. After hearing stories from my friends who were also learning to drive, it seems that I had the most fun in my driving lessons and passed first time! Result!!

If you want a relaxed and down to earth driving instructer but also want to learn quickly - You need Mark!

Chloe Warren

What can i say about Mark!! An absolutley fantastic instructor.    I passed my test first time. Which for me was a massive acheivment. I booked a total of 40 hours with Mark. A 30hour semi intensive over 2 weeks and 2hrs a week leading up to the intensive. A really good way too pass comfortabley and quickly.

I found Mark very adaptable! Easy to get on with and he really does put those nerves at bay. A fantastic instructor. Thks again Mark!

Katherine Logan

So I finally sorted out time to learn to drive, sceptical about who exactly to choose I chose Mark and didn't really know what to expect, we arranged everything over phone and e-mail quickly and easily and before I knew it I was sat in the driving seat next to him. It is at this point that the soap opera of my driving lessons began, he taught me everything in a calm, controlled and informative manner and most of all didn't look down at me, he wanted me to get it right, he was more like a friend than an instructor. I found his lessons fun and progressive I was never allowed to plateau. Im not one to hide it when something annoys me and Mark soon came to learn this and some what played on it and helped me learn more from it, the banter was great until that euphoric moment on a cold evening lesson when all of a sudden everything came together and my driving turned a corner I was as he put it "at test standard". 
There were many times I put myself down, and many barriers that I had to overcome in order to pass and each time Mark helped pick me up and made me believe that my moment would come "I could do it"!! His faith in the end paid dividends and I think he was probably as happy as I was when I finally passed with nothing but one little minor! Whilst I don't miss having him sat in the seat next to me while I drive I do still occasionally sit at a set of traffic lights and think "oops shouldn't do that, what would Mark say" or if someone annoys me on the road "Mark should teach them"! he's a top bloke and I would happily recommend him to anyone I know!

Shaun Rhodes

I'm very glad I chose to learn with Mark ,we had a great rapport.  He was very knowledgeable and I learnt a great deal, and I had fun learning at the same time.

Lee Pointer

Learning with Mark was a superb experience. He's a brilliant bloke-- supportive and hilarious, whilst knowing everything that is needed for passing your driving test. He puts absolutely no pressure on you whatsoever, allowing you to pass at your own speed. And his car is quality too!!!

Hugely recommend him if you want to pass safely and have a considerable amount of banter at the same time.

Alex Newman

Learning to drive with Mark was very enjoyable he always found a way of explaining to me what I needed to do in a way I understood he always stayed calm even when I made the same silly mistakes over and over! When I finally got my blond brain round what I was doing Mark was generally pleased for me. Mark always gave me the right encouragement I needed to get me through my test.

Christine Smith

Very good instructor.  Out of 4 instructors I had, Mark was the best.  Very friendly, funny and easy to get on with.  Good at spotting weaknesses and explaining how to correct them in a friendly yet effective way.  Most importantly, I passed first time thanks to his instruction.  I would strongly recommend him to anyone learning to drive.

Alex Stoate

Great driving instructor and a good laugh too...but serious too when it comes down to it! Would definitely recommend to everyone!

Tom Hinson

I passed my test first time as a result of Mark's tutoring.  I would recommend him highly to anybody interested.  From the very first stages of learning to the various fineries of perfecting tricky manoeuvres, Mark explained what I needed to know in a clear, detailed and memorable fashion.  On top of this, his flexibility with lesson timings and willingness to allow you to learn at your own pace makes Mark a driving instructor of the highest order.

Hugo Fearon

Being 23 and not having had the motivation or necessity to learn to drive I didn’t really know what to expect when I decided to Learn With Mark.  I opted for an intensive course as I just wanted to get the whole thing done.  I was a little apprehensive at first but Mark soon cured that and within 10 Hours of my 30 Hour course I had blitz two manoeuvres and was really enjoying learning.

Mark makes it fun and never makes you feel like you’ve done something wrong, he eases you through every task.  Even when you hit your lowest low he will find a way to drag you out of it.

Learning with Mark never felt like a chore and his flexibility was perfect for me. I completed my 30 hours and took my test with Mark telling me he had every faith I’d pass.  He must have a good eye for it as I passed 1st time.  It was a great experience and I’ve already recommended him to friends and family.

Terry Beattie

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