Your Intensive Driving Lessons in Hastings

(manual driving lessons)

About those lessons some people call "crash" courses . . .

As mentioned on the About page, I offer no pretence that this is a driving school. It is just me as a fully qualified independent driving instructor, my VW Polo, and your future as a safe and skilled driver.

I offer intensive driving courses (or "crash" courses) and driving lessons for the Hastings DVSA Driving Test Centre, covering surroundings areas (please contact if in doubt whether your area is covered). Depending on your level of experience, I can offer you the appropriate course length.

It is important that before we set out specific dates for your intensive course, you pass the theory test. We cannot book a practical driving test for you until you hold in your hands that all-important Theory Pass Certificate.

When it comes to scheduling your course, we both decide how best to go about it. Depending on the amount of lessons we've agreed upon, each in-car training session needs to be somewhere between 3 and 8 hours per day. Also, please know that your course does not have to be taken all in one week. I am always happy for it to take 2 or 3 weeks, because I understand you may be unable to take a whole week out of your diary.

Although I am flexible in terms of duration, dates, and times, your course needs to be arranged around other pupils' courses. So it may be best if you do not book any time off work until we’ve confirmed your training sessions. Moreover, when it comes to me booking the driving test for you, please appreciate that the Hastings Driving Test Centre usually has a waiting list of 6 to 8 weeks but due to Covid-19 it's currently SIX MONTHS. And the test, of course, is our ultimate goal.


Due to COVID-19 and how the pandemic forced the closure of test centres, along with instructors being unable to offer lessons, there is now a backlog of tests from last summer. These are unfortunately still being rescheduled into December 2021... You can still have lessons, but they will most likely be weekly for the time being.

It is not possible, or indeed safe, to drive continuously during each session due to the nature of a intensive driving course, therefore short breaks will be agreed between us.

I am of course geared towards making sure you pass the practical test first time, but there is still a chance that you will be unsuccessful. In this instance, I can arrange another test for you and help you prepare again for what will hopefully be a successful second attempt.

Please note: the driving test is an additional fee.