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Testimonials for Markus driving instructor in your local Hastings and Tunbridge Wells areas

Emily Browning, High Brooms:

"When I met Markus for the first time, I was nervous, however the nerves soon stopped when he got me into the driving seat.  He got me driving straight away, (after all of the bits and bobs he had to tell me) and I loved it!  From then on we got along really well, he is a great guy and so easy to understand. He was always encouraging because when I did do things wrong he calmed me down and told me to 'laugh it off', and it was the best thing he told me to do.  Markus is just a brilliant Instructor, well recommended."



Alex Turner, Colts Hill:

"Learning to drive with Markus was an awesome experience.  We quickly organised lessons and I was driving in no time!  He explained everything clearly and never had a problem answering  any questions I had.  I had previous experience on the road as I had passed my motorbike test beforehand, and he helped me iron out any bad or unnecessary habits I had bought over from riding.


Markus is such an easy going guy to get on with and after awhile the lessons felt more like going out for a drive with a friend.  I progressed very quickly and learnt something new every time I went driving with him.  I would recommend him to anyone as he is a great guy and a great instructor."


Christopher Shoebridge, Tunbridge Wells:

"Markus seems to have discovered the perfect balance of friendliness and professional tuition. His kindness, understanding and patience immediately put me at ease from my first lesson. This attitude made me feel comfortable enough to ask lots of stupid questions and make the odd mistake, without fear of reproach or mockery.


This balance was invaluable in allowing me to become a proficient and safe driver and, ultimately, I passed my practical test first time without any faults! I consider myself very fortunate that I found such a natural teacher - thank you, Markus!"



Joe Curtis, Tunbridge Wells:

"From the outset me and Markus had not only a productive lesson but a right laugh as well.  All of his lessons with me were incredibly helpful and got me to pass First Time as well!


Can not recomend him highly enough to anyone who wants to learn to drive.  I hope his future pupils have as much fun as me and Markus did!  Thankyou Mate."



Samantha Prescott, Tunbridge Wells:

"I had a wonderful experience with Markus, he was calm and coached me through everything and I passed my first test with only 2 minors.   I would highly recommend Markus, he is a legend."

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