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As a Grade A driving instructor, I teach a life skill and have been doing so since summer 2004. I believe that learning to drive is a psychological experience which must be treated on a personal and friendly level as well as professional. This is why I chose to call this page on my website About Me as opposed to About Us. I offer no pretences that I'm a 'company' or a 'driving school', it is me, my car, and your future. Comfort, experience, and the over-all learning process remains paramount, and as the next generation of driver you will be fully prepared for everything and anything that occurs out on those roads.


I cover instensive courses and driving lessons for the Hastings test centre. You will have total support throughout the theory test and into the driving test, including further tuition for motorways and completing the Pass Plus scheme if requested.


My working hours always suit your needs and so we can arrange lessons around your own schedule. Even on bank holidays. Lessons are on a one-on-one basis (no car sharing), and both pick-up and drop-off points can be flexible providing, of course, it's still within my teaching area.

About Me - your local St. Leonards and Hastings driving instructor


Not only an instructor, I'm also a published author. Primarily supernatural horror, but my steampunk, dark fantasy, and sci-fi stories have featured in numerous reputable anthologies and zines. I'm proud to say my work has been compared with many of my literary heroes such as Stephen King, James Herbert, Clive Barker, Dennis Wheatley and HP Lovecraft.


My best-selling debut novel The Shadow Fabric is closely followed by the popular short story collection Sinister Stitches and are both only a fraction of an expanding mythos of demons, devices, and deceit. The novella Hell Cat of the Holt further explores the Shadow Fabric mythos with ghosts and black cat legends.


The dystopian cyberpunk collection Chaos Halo 1.0: Alpha Beta Gamma Kill is in association with Future Chronicles Photography where I work closely with their models and cosplayers. One of their shoots inspired the creation of my Lovecraftian steampunk horror universe that begins with the novelette In the Company of False Gods.


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