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About Your Lessons

Lesson Length


Generally, when having weekly lessons I suggest having a slot for two hours as opposed to only a single hour.  In doing so, we can get a lot of ground covered and if you are a beginner this is vital seeing those first few hours would incorporate a lot of the foundation work for learning.





I do not charge extra after 6pm, weekends, or bank holidays.  My rate is the same no matter when you have your lesson.  As well, my standard prices will remain unchanged throughout the duration of your time with me, regardless of increases in fuel costs, etc.  However, I have no control over the DSA test fees, should they increase, and so may be reflected in the booking of your test.



Car Sharing


Lessons are never 'piggy-backed'.  This means that - unlike some other instructors out there - I won't get you to pick up my next pupil on your way home as you finish the lesson.  You have paid for the time with me, not to share it with anyone else; that time is yours, and yours alone.